pathways to Become a Rhode Island

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Credential Review

A Credential Review allows individuals with content knowledge and experience a pathway into teaching without completing a full educator preparation program. Individuals can contact a consortium institution for their individualized program of study.

To learn more about the certification requirements for this pathway, including available consortium institutions, click the button below.

Expert Residency

Expert Residency is for those who have not completed a full educator preparation program but have a major or equivalent in the content area they wish to be certified in (i.e., an individual with a degree in English and a desire to be Secondary English certified).


Are you a certified School Counselor in another state? Apply for certification through reciprocity if you hold a valid “like” out-of-state license or have completed an out-of-state approved educator preparation program.

Inter-state Flexibility

Educators who hold certificates from the following states and territories are exempt from RI testing requirements.

District of Columbia

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

RI-Approved Programs

Enroll in and complete an in-state educator preparation program.

Obtain a master's degree in social work.

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Providence College

Providence College

Providence College

Providence College

That’s what school should be. Human connection, human interaction. Sharing what we’re passionate about and connecting it to what they’re passionate about.”
Lisa Leaheey
Classroom Teacher
North Providence High School
North Providence
When you're working with a student, and you see that 'aha' moment, it makes you realize, this is what I'm doing this for.”
Anne-Marie Flaherty
School Counselor
East Greenwich High School
East Greenwich
It’s not about doing things for the kids, it’s about walking next to them and guiding them to be the best version of themselves.”
Miguel Pacheco
School Social Worker
Segue Institute for Learning
Central Falls
The community, the culture, it’s so diverse and varied... we have students and families from all over the world here.”
Dr. Tulani Freeman
School Psychologist
Nathan Bishop Middle School